U.S. Support Services Inc. (U.S.S.S.)
Provides housing and other services for international students studying in southern California. When an international student comes to Los Angeles, one of the most difficult issues is housing. Los Angeles is a very big city and has different rules and regulations concerning the rental of apartments or rooms.

U.S. Support Services Inc. also offers an airport pick-up and drop-off service to help students begin and end their experience in Los Angeles safely and successfully.

We are now working with many colleges and universities in the US. This allows us to help international students prepare their applications and smoothly transition into college life.

Furthermore, U.S. Support Services Inc. can help international students wishing to attend a prestigious university or graduate school in the U.S. or applying for scholarships and financial aid. We want our clients to attend quality schools and we try to remove as many barriers as possible.

The homestay experience is a unique accommodation choice for students because it welcomes them into an American home. Students who choose to live with a homestay family are looking for a safe, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere in which they can be introduced to American customs, traditions, and family values.

Their homestay allows them to practice their English on a daily basis and enjoy homemade meals in a familiar setting. Homestay families typically plan special events such as family outings and guided tours of the city for the student. The homestay program carefully matches students with appropriately fitting families. Here, we see friendships form that last a lifetime.

Fee 2018

Placement Fee*: $300 (One time Fee)

  • Homestay (14 meals per week)
    Private room
    Deposit $200**
    1 week $359
    2 weeks $718
    3 weeks $1,077
    4 weeks $1,304
    5 weeks $1,630
    6 weeks $1,956
    7 weeks $2,282
    8 weeks $2,608
    9 weeks $2,934
    10 weeks $3,260
    11 weeks $3,586
    12 weeks $3,912
    Daily $55
  • Homestay (14 meals per week)
    Shared Room(2)
    Deposit $200**
    1 week $316
    2 weeks $632
    3 weeks $948
    4 weeks $1,196
    5 weeks $1,495
    6 weeks $1,794
    7 weeks $2,093
    8 weeks $2,392
    9 weeks $2,691
    10 weeks $2,990
    11 weeks $3,289
    12 weeks $3,588
    Daily $48
  • * The Placement Fee is a one-time fee and is not refundable. If our airport pick up service is requested, the placement fee will be reduced to $270.

    ** The Security Deposit ($200) for housing will be refunded after the student moves out, as long as there is no damage to the room or property.

    *** The Weekly price is to be added after the first 12 weeks.

Residence / Dormitory

This is the best option for independent students. The dormitory offers a fully furnished room, either quad (4 people), double (2people) or private (individual). No meals are provided, but a fully furnished kitchen is available.

Currently we have 4 residences/dormitories, named Beverly Glen, Melrose, North Hollywood and Selby. All residences/dormitories are conveniently located close to shopping areas.

Fee 2018 Residence/ Dormitory (No Meals)

  • Placement Fee*: $270 (One time Fee)
    Maintenance fee: $25/week, 4 weeks or more $100
    Private room Shared(2) room Shared(4) room
    Deposit $200** $200** $200**
    1 week $426 $304 $217
    2 weeks $852 $608 $434
    3 weeks $1,278 $912 $651
    4 weeks $1,408 $1,000 $760
    5 weeks $1,760 $1,250 $950
    6 weeks $2,112 $1,500 $1,140
    7 weeks $2,464 $1,750 $1,330
  • Private room Shared(2) room Shared(4) room
    8 weeks $2,816 $2,000 $1,520
    9 weeks $3,168 $2,250 $1,710
    10 weeks $3,520 $2,500 $1,900
    11 weeks $3,872 $2,750 $2,090
    12 weeks $4,224 $3,000 $2,280
    Daily $65 $50 $40
  • * The Placement Fee is a one-time fee and is not refundable. If our airport pick up service is requested, the placement fee will be reduced to $270.

    ** The Security Deposit ($200) for housing will be refunded after the student moves out, as long as there is no damage to the room or property.

    *** The Weekly price is to be added after the first 12 weeks.

English Plus Programs

What is the ESL plus program?

Students take an ESL program in the morning at Mentor Language Institute, which has two campuses in Los Angeles - Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Students will also take a program related to their interests, such as dance, music, yoga, etc. Students will not only learn English, but also other skills. This package includes all programs, accommodations and support services.

ESL Program

The ESL program has 4 different levels, with 2 tracks at each level. The ESL program is composed of Listening/ Speaking and Grammar/ Reading. This program is designed for students going to college/ university in the U.S., living the U.S., or working in an English speaking environment.

Plus α Program

Choose one of the following programs based on your interest or purpose:
Dance(4 Studios)
Interexchange with UCLA students & other students from other countries.(Hiking, Party, Discussions, etc.)
Yoga or Instructor Training(Yoga Alliance)
Music(Voice Training, Guitar, Piano, etc.)
Scuba Diving


Students can choose their accommodation: Homestay(Private room with 2 meals/ day)or Students Residence**(Private, Shared (2), Quad (4) room) **Meals are NOT provided at the students Residence. However, all houses have a kitchen and are well-equipped.

Package uncludes

1.ESL school registration fee.
2.ESL school tuition fee.
3.Accommodation placement fee.
4.Accommodation rent fee.
5.Airport pickup fee (One way)
6.Package program placement & support fee.
7.Package program lesson fee.

Included in our support service

On the first day of lessons or your arrival date, support staff will take you to the location for the packaged program by publice transportation (Practice commuting). They will register the student and explain how to schedule & take lessons. U.S. Support Services Inc. will provide unlimited service during the period of the program to assist with any problems that may occur.

Millennium Dance Complex

11528 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
Millennium Dance Complex is one of the longest lasting dance studios in Los Angeles. The dance studio not only offers dance lessons, but also many audition opportunities within the entertainment industry.

Edge Perfoming Arts Center

6300 Romaine St, Ste 100, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Edge performing Arts Center is located in Hollywood and offers more than 40 kinds of dance lesons such as Jazz, Hiphop, Tap, and Ballet. Some professional dancers also like this dance studio. In particular, the studio puts more focus on specialized Jazz classes, so students can find the best instructor to fit their particular Jazz style. The studio was relocated in 2014, thus it's brand new and very popular due to the new renovations.

Movement Lifestyle

11105 Weddington Street, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Movement Lifestyle, located in North Hollywood is a relatively new dance studio in Los Angeles. The studio provides many dance workshops hosted by popular overseas dancers. In particular, they focus on street dance such as Hip Hop. The popularity of this studio is increasing at an astonishing pace. This studio is especially popular with local dancers.

Debbie Reynolds Studio

6514 Lankershim Blvd,. North Hollywood, CA 91606
Debbie Reynolds, located in North Hollywood, had many instrutors for Ballet,Jazz and Hiphop. Students will be immersed in the long history of this dance studio and experience their unique theater lessons. It is famous among professional and amateur dancers alike. Students will absolutely feel the heart of dance in Los Angeles.

ESL + Music


-Two 1 hour private lessons per week.
-You can choose from vocal lessons (Jazz, Pops etc.) or musical instrument lessons (Piano, Guitar, Drum, Flute, Saxophone..)
-Hollywood Academy of Music provides musical instruments, or you can bring your own instrument.

Hollywood Academy of Music

Hollywood Academy of Music was founded in 2004. Over 3,500 students have taken vocal and/or musical instrument lessons here. There are many excellent instructors who are currently in the music industry in Hollywood. Hollywood Academy of Music accepts any level of students by providing private lessons from beginner to advanced.


Melrose (Hollywood): 7469 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046
West Los Angeles: 12111 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025
North Hollywood: 11367 Riverside Drive, North Hollywood, CA 91602

ESL + Yoga


-Unlimited lesson tickets are included.
-You can take as many yoga lessons as you want.
-90 minutes for each Yoga lesson.
-Yoga mats are also provided.

Liberation Yoga

Liberation Yoga has 10 years of experience and specializes in relieving health problems and lowering stress. The studio focuses on conducting warm and friendly lessons where student can experience authentic yoga. Liberation Yoga supports all levels of yoga lessons based on each student’s skill.


124 S La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

ESL + Surf


Students can receive two 1-hour private lessons between 6:00am - 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.
The surfing school provides surf boards and wetsuits, so students can take lessons easily without bringing their own equipment.
*The surfing school doesn't provides swim suits or towels.

Learn To Surf LA

Students will enjoy private surfing lessons at a California beach and enjoy the beautiful weather and friendly atmosphere.


641 Westminister Ave .#5, Venice, CA 90291


USSS offers a free service to students who wish to transfer to a junior college, university, or certificate program to certain local schools and universities located in the United States. If you go to a junior college, you can earn an Associate’s Degree in 2 years. After this you can transfer to a university. What is the advantage of attending a junior college for 2 years? Generally junior colleges tend to have lower tuition costs than 4 year universities. You can earn a Bachelor’s Degree at a university in 4 years. If you transfer from a junior college, you can earn your Bachelor’s degree in just 2 years. Why do I need a bachelor’s degree if I already have an associate’s degree? Most companies and government agencies require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree for new hires.

What type of student can transfer from Mentor Language Institute to a junior college and then transfer again to a 4 year university?? The answer: Any student who has a qualifying TOEFL IBT score or equivalent in one of the standardized English tests recognized by the junior college. If you don't have a TOEFL score, you can take advantage of MLI’s Mutual Recognition Programs. These MRPs are contracts that MLI has with local schools that allow students to transfer without a TOEFL score. Most MRPs require the student to complete High Intermediate Track 2 (sometimes even High Intermediate Track 1) in order to satisfy the admission requirements. In other words, you can continue to improve your general English all the way up until you are able to transfer to the junior college of your choice.

The University of California Los Angeles is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Getting a degree from this institution could make all the difference in your future! It is within your reach! You can transfer from MLI to Santa Monica College first. Why Santa Monica College? Because SMC transfers more students to California universities than any other junior college in the state.

The above options are for students who desire a 4 year degree in the US. Typically, these students do not already possess such a degree from their home country. However, for students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in their home country, we recommend taking a certificate program or pursuing graduate studies. Certificate programs usually consist of 9-12 months of study in a particular field. After completing a certificate program, you may be eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT). Under OPT you can work for up to a year in the United States. After the completion of your program and your year of work in the US, you can return to your country with a much stronger resume. You will unlock all sorts of opportunities in the workplace and command a higher salary than those who do not have a certificate or OPT experience.

The UCLA Extension offers certificate programs in dozens of fields and will allow you to study at the world famous UCLA campus! We can help students who are interested in pursuing post-graduate studies transfer to universities as well (Master’s Degrees, Ph.Ds, etc).

But American Universities are too expensive!

NO PROBLEM Apply for a scholarship!

Certain universities in the US offer scholarships for international students. USSS offers a scholarship application service if you apply to such a university! We will tell you exactly what the requirements are for such a scholarship and, if you qualify, we will assist you in securing one! This can reduce tuition by as much as 33%!

Pick-up Service

Our airport pick-up services is offered from Los Angeles International Airport to your destination within 15 miles of the airport. This service includes:

Meeting you at the Los Angeles International Airport (Arrival Area).

Driving you to your school for enrollment and helping you familiarize yourself with the location.

Following the same routes that local buses take to help new arrivals get adjusted.

Explaining the housing rules and rental agreement.

Drop-off Service

Our airport drop off services is offered to Los Angeles International Airport from your residence within 15 miles of the airport. This service includes:

Meeting you at your residence.

Driving you to the airport.

Helping you to check in.

Making sure you know how to find your departure gate.

Airport Service:

one way

$125 ( 8:00 am - 8:00 pm)

$160 ( 8:00 pm - 8:00 am)

Please contact USSS for more details.


1. How to apply for housing?

A. You have two ways to apply for housing. Download the paper application form, fill it out and e-mail it to: info@usssinc.net ( or fax: 424-777-4514) the form to the USSS office *Apply through our online housing application form and follow the steps.

2. Do I need to pay a placement fee in order for USSS to start processing my housing application?

A. Yes, you need to pay a placement fee. You can either pay by PayPal or fill out the credit card authorization form and e-mail(or fax) it to the USSS office.

3. Do I need to use the USSS airport pick-up service if I am using USSS housing?

A. Yes, we require all applicant for our housing to use our airport pick-up service.

4. Why do I need to use the USSS airport pick-up service when I use USSS housing?

A. There are some students who get lost or cannot arrive at our housing location. They often don’t know how to go to their schools and don’t know where they can shop for their household items and so on. It is very convenient and efficient to use our airport pick-up service when you come to the U.S.


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