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We recommend homestay to people who want to experience living with an American family. Meals are provided (breakfast and dinner) We recommend homestay to people who want to experience living with an American family. Meals are provided (breakfast and dinner)

Let us introduce you one of our carefully-selected host families.


More than 100 host families in L.A are affiliated

Host Families

Meet some of our carefully-selected host families
  • Sigh Family Profile #1

    • Name: Sigh
    • Location: Santa Monica
    • 30 minutes bus ride to Santa Monica Beach
    • Pet: No

    We have been hosting students since 2011 and have had many students from different countries. It’s a pleasure to meet different students from different countries. Our students have become like family & we have someone in many parts of the world. I have had the pleasure of being revisited from many of my students who came back to LA.

  • Miriam Family Profile #2

    • Name: Miriam
    • Location: North Hollywood area
    • 30 min bus ride to Movement Lifestyle
    • Pet: No

    My daughter and I have enjoyed being a host family because not only we gain experience with other cultures but we also gain friendships.

  • Sanvicente Family Profile #3

    • Name: Sanvicente
    • Location: North Hollywood
    • 10 minutes bus ride to the Universal Studios
    • Pet: No

    We like to embrace the opportunity to be a host family for international students. Our family enjoys the diversity where we can share our American culture, traditions, and life style while at the same time learning about theirs. We look forward on building new sincere relationships and memories.

  • Rodriguez Family Profile #4

    • Name: Rodriguez
    • Location: North Hollywood
    • Close to Millennium Dance Complex Dance Studio
    • Pet: No

    We would like to welcome you to our home in Hollywood, CA!!
    We hope you have an amazing experience and enjoy every second of it!

  • Marcela Profile #5

    • Name: Marcela
    • Location: North hollywood
    • 10 mitunes us ride to Disney Studio
    • Pet: Dogs

    Hello my Family is Bartolo and Marcela González , we are a married couple for 33 years, we being Homestay parents for more then 20 years, enjoying every minute learning the culture of our Homestay students, that we keep in contact true the years. They come back with they family’s after few years of staying on our home, we became mom and dad on this side of the word for them! make us very happy , we do our homemade dinners! For them to enjoy 3 different cultures.. American, Chilean and Mexican foods are always the priority, make a safe ambient for our guess is #1 , God didn’t bless us with children.. he bless us with Homestay students Thank you very much

  • Washington Family Profile #6

    • Name: Washington
    • Location: North 20
    • 20 minutes bus ride to Beverly Hills
    • Pet: No

    Hi guys! It’s already nice to have/welcome students to our house and spend time together!We often have a party at our house and it’s really fun! Our family will be excited to have you!Thank you so much! 

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