U.S. Support Services Inc. Refund Policy

You can cancel your reservation at any time. However, the refund amount is based on the following refund terms. Please inform our office at U.S. Support Services Inc. if you intend to cancel.

If you cancel more than 30 days prior to your scheduled date of stay, U.S. Support Services Inc. will refund 100% of the amount you have deposited. If you notify us of your cancellation within the 30 days leading up to your scheduled date of residence, you will still have to pay the placement fee ($ 270 or $ 300, for dormitory and homestay placements respectively). Additionally, you will still be responsible for the rent you would have paid for the 4 weeks following your date of cancellation, in accordance with California’s housing regulations.

For example, if you cancelled on 1/29 – a week before the start of your stay: For a stay application period of 2/1/2020 – 2/15/2020 (i.e. a 2-week period of stay), the initial placement fee and the full 2 weeks of rent would be non-refundable.

However, for a stay application period of 2/1/2020 – 3/7/2020 (i.e. a 5-week period of stay), the placement fee and 3 weeks of rent (2/1/2020 – 2/26/2020) would be non-refundable, but the rent for the last week (2/27/2020 – 3/7/2020) would be refunded. *In accordance with the laws of California, once you have moved in, the rent for the period of stay will be non-refundable.

In order to receive a refund, you must fill out a refund form within 6 months of notifying us of your cancellation and submit it to U.S. Support Services Inc. We are unable to accept any refund requests submitted over 6 months after the date of cancellation. The money will be refunded within 30 days of the refund form being submitted and processed.

If you cancel the airport transfer service more than 72 hours prior to your arrival at the airport, U.S. Support Services Inc. will refund 100% of the collected charges. Please note that there is no refund for cancellations made within the 72 hours leading up to your arrival at the airport or in the event of a flight change. *In the event that your arrival time changes (e.g. due to a flight change) and you need to reschedule your airport pickup time, a new airport pickup fee will be applied. Once you move in, you will not be able to cancel the airport transfer service(Drop off), and it will be nonrefundable.

If an application to U.S. Support Services Inc. is being processed by an authorized agent, the processing of the corresponding refund will be subject to the contractual agreement between the agent and client. If you have any further questions, please contact your agent.

(Applying Online) By checking the box below, I hereby certify that the facts set forth above are complete and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree that my application will not be processed until U.S.S.S. has received $270/$300 from me for placement in a homestay or in a dormitory. (If a student rejects our airport pickup service, an additional $30 will be charged.)

I agree that I will forfeit the remaining balance of any rent payment (up to 30 days), as well as include a cancellation fee of $270/$300, if I cancel the housing tenancy less than 30 days before the occupancy date as listed above. I agree that a cancellation fee of $135 will be charged if I cancel the airport pickup service or change my flight less than 72 hours before the scheduled arrival time. If I postpone my arrival date from the date listed above, I understand that I will be charged a new placement fee or a rental fee. I also understand that I need to pay a maintenance fee and a security deposit on my arrival. The maintenance fee is non-refundable. The security deposit is refundable after moving out, as long as there is no damage to the room and property. A Refund Request Form must be filled out. This application is for the periodic rental agreement, and the period of my stay is specified above.

I agree to move out on the date above. I have the option to extend my stay only if there is availability. I understand that if I am enrolled with Mentor Language Institute and cancel my enrollment, my U.S.S.S. accommodation will be terminated. Termination will occur within the grace period. I understand that falsification of any information on this form will result in forfeiture of the placement fee without refund. I have read and agreed to these terms.

(Airport Pickup) The pickup time from the airport will be between 8AM to 8PM. The check in time will be between 9AM to 9PM. The pickup time from your dormitory or homestay will be 7AM to 7PM. All residents are required to check out by 12 AM. We cannot guarantee the pickup from the airport if the pickup time is other than the listed time above. Please let us know BEFORE you purchase your airplane ticket to make sure your pickup is available or not. We will charge $35 if we have to pickup or drop off besides the time above.

Airport Pickup will include:
I. Pickup from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
II. Drop off at your dormitory/homestay
III. Explaining how to go to school (Only MLI)
IV. Explaining rules in Dormitory and contract/agreement

Airport Drop off will include:
I. Pickup at your dormitory/homestay
II. Drop you off at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
III. Assist you to check in at the airport

(Rent) The contract is a periodic rental agreement. Once you move-in to our accommodation, we will not refund any of your rent or cancel the contract/agreement.

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